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Magic Stove is made individually for each sauna, and therefore when ordering the heater, the size of the sauna and the planned use of the heater must be considered. Therefore, you cannot order Saunasampo Magic stove without being in contact with our experts.


When you or your company is interested in buying a Saunasampo Magic Dtove please send us an e-mail and our expert will contact you within a few days. In this case, we go through what kind of object it is and choose the model of the stove that best suits your specific use.




It is possible to buy a Magic stove with financing, in which case, for example, in the leasing option, the acquisition cost spreads over several years and a fixed-price maintenance contract can also be attached to it.



Installing our sauna stove safely and to ensure a high-quality sauna experience, it requires installation in strict accordance with our instructions. The list below contains model images and installation drawings of Saunasampo Magic Stove with electrical work. It is important that these instructions are being followed, because we hope that you will have the best Finnish quality of sauna experience.




  • GM750    10,5 kW, 160 kg Kerkes stones, digital control   7.500 € 
  • GL750   16,2 kW, 180 kg Kerkes stones, digital control   8.000 € 
  • GXL750   16,2 kW, 300 kg Kerkes stones, digital control   11.000 € 
  • GXL750   21,0 kW, 300 kg Kerkes stones, digital control   11.600 € 


  • EL750   16,2 kW, 180 kg Kerkes stones, internet control   9.000 € 
  • EXL750   16,2 kW, 300 kg Kerkes stones, internet control   12.000 € 
  • EXL750   21,0 kW, 300 kg Kerkes stones, internet control   13.600 € 


Terms of delivery


  • Terms of delivery free at the factory, packed on a pallet, perfectly assembled
  • The stove cannot be taken assembled in the sauna, but the consignment must be disassembled and assembled in the reverse order in the sauna
    • We can import and install the stove
    • Price in the metropolitan area in Finland 900 €
    • Price futher according to theoffer
  • For installation, the cables must be ready, including the rubber cables going to the stove




  • Sauna monitor for remote monitoring of sauna heating   1.500 €  
    • Able to use monitor the smoky word and the regular electric sauna
  • Saunacontrol for the control and monitoring of the heating of any electric stove   1.800 €
    • An individual sauna temperature can be assigned to each timer
  • Saunacontrol, which measures the electricity consumption of a sauna in real time   2.100 € 
  • The protection of the sauna monitor's sauna is made of wood
  • Sauna monitor user interface view


Delivery terms and warranty


  • Delivery free at the factory 
  • Payment term when ordering 
  • Warranty 2 years 
  • The warranty does not cover the replacement of parts that can be replaced without dismantling the stove





Saunasampo Oy is a company that specializes in high-tech saunas, develops, and produces customized Saunasampo stove technology, and is able for real-time remote monitoring of Magic Stoves around the world.


Saunasampo Oy has patented it´s Technology in Europe, USA, Japan, and China






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Tapio Yli-Kovero  

Chairman of the board

+358 50 61331