Saunasampo = Our company that manufactures Magic Stove


Löyly = Finnish word that means steam, when water is thrown into stove, steam generated


Heater = Common name for all kind of stove that are used to heat sauna´s






Saunasampo Magic Stove is the world's first always ready electric stove. It was presented at the Tampere, Finland, Invention Fair in 1990. At that time, electric heaters were grills with the most common 20 kg, maximum 40 kg stove stones. Some big heaters in public saunas contained 60 kg of stones.


The 200 kg of stones in the Magic Stove revolutionized the electric heater market: it was possible to make an electric heater that was not a grill but allowed for moist, gentle steams. After the introduction of the Magic Stove, Helo's and Harvia's alwaysready heaters with more than one hunred kg stove stones were launched. Due to the patent for the Magic Stove these always ready heaters did not have a fan, which limited their area of ​​use to small saunas. Since then, the continuously heated Iki stove and it´s imitators have plenty of stones.


The first Magic Stove were installed in 1994. Among the first heaters was the Vanajanlinna´s Magic Stove, which has been in use as such for 28 years. There are also Magic Stove in the Finnish Parliament, two of them were purchased first for the staff and two more later for the  Members of Parliament.


Physically and functionally, the Magic Stove has not changed significantly. Instead, the control electronics have progressed from relay control through programmable logic to digital.







The Saunasampo Magic Stove is the only always ready heater for medium and large sized saunas. The stove is an insulated, heat-retaining storage stove with a lid and a fan. When the lid closes, the fan circulates the air in the stone chamber, protecting the heating elements from overheating and spreading heat to all stones. When the lid is opens, the fan circulates the sauna air through the whole stone chambe, raising the sauna temperature to the desired temperature in an instantly.


In standby mode, the stove consumes 2-3 kWh of electricity and the temperature of the sauna is intentionally 40-50 degrees so that the walls are comfortable to lean on as soon as the cover is opened. Unlike other always ready heaters, the heater does not have 300 - 400 W standby power, but all resistors are on / off. When the heating power of the stove is 16 kW, ie 16,000 W, even the coldest stove is ready for bath in an hour.




The Magic Stove is by far the most cost-effective energy saving heater. The longer the sauna is used, the more the Magic Stove saves. The greatest savings are achieved in 24/7 on-site saunas such as fire- and police stations and other three-shift workplaces. 


The Magic Stove saves an average of 5 kW per hour compared to a standard continuously heated heater. According to this, the annual savings per sauna are 43,800 kW, counted with an energy price of twenty cents per kWh, the annual savings are 8,760 €, which means that the Magic stove pays for itself inside a year. 


In a large sauna, the savings are even bigger because the stones in an insulated heater stay hot with much less energy than the walls and ceiling of a large sauna. In terms of energy savings, it can also be presented that, compared to a standard continuously heated stove, one continuously switched-on Magic Stove saves as much electricity as eight detached homes consume. 


The energy savings per sauna are proportional to the annual number of operating hours, i.e., for example 3,000 operating hours, i.e., in a 60-hour sauna, the savings are 3,000 h * 5 k W = 15,000 kW, i.e., the electricity consumption of three detached houses. 


If the sauna is turned on several times a day, the savings are proportionally bigger, because the stones inside an insulated stove do not cool much at intervals, unlike the walls and ceiling of a continuously heated sauna. 


In addition to saving energy consumption, Magic Stoves save on the connection power of the property. The power need of a Magic Stove is on average two-thirds of the power of a standard continuously heated heater, which reduces the front fuses of the heater. The Magic Stove also saves sauna panels and structures. 




In Tampere Central Fire Station there is a large sauna for more than ten people, which is in heavy use because also divers are training there. The Magic Stove was continually turned on for 9 years before the sauna panels were replaced. The average consumption of the stove during that time was 5 kW per hour with sauna bathing included. In this case, the savings have been closer to 10 kW / h, i.e. the total savings are the electricity consumption of almost fifteen detached house saunas.






Saunasampo Magic Stove is the King of heaters, which includes updated intelligent technology, ex-act heat analysis, as well as humidity analysis and easy remote control, and remote monitoring, so the sauna experience is exactly what you want just in minutes.


The heaters of public large-use saunas can be combined with remote monitoring, in which case the operation of the heater is checked from the central control room in real time, and the cus-tomer also receives advance information about the heater's maintenance needs or other sauna-related problems. In this way, the stove stays in full sauna readiness for decades, which frees the customer to just enjoy.




Saunasampo Magic Stove is most effective in saunas that are always ready for use or turned on for most of the day. Our heaters are in use at most Finnish fire stations, whose heaters are always ready to use. There are also heaters in police stations, gyms, golf clubs, hotels, industrial shifts, showrooms, and especially recently, heaters have been installed in the renovated sauna facilities of housing companies, which aim for spa-type luxury.




Sauna Monitor is a remote management system that is managed from its own Net User Interface. The sauna monitor can also be combined with Saunasampo Oy's central control to maximize the operation of the heater.


The monitor can be used to schedule the heater with a weekly clock timer, which can be entered into the validity period as in the mobile phone calendar. The timer also works as a calendar timer. You can schedule the stove to be ready in Inari during the Christmas holidays. You can see at home if the Inari stove is on and what the temperature of the sauna is. You can also see if anyone has been to the sauna.




Consumes less than half the energy of a continuously heated stove.


Saves panels and benches.


Timed temperature control for sauna and heater.


The heater fan heats the sauna air in a few minutes.


Built-in troubleshooting.


Built-in energy consumption monitoring.


Saves up to thousands of euros every year.







Most of the heat in a traditional sauna is used to heat the structures and sauna furniture, as well as to maintain their heat. Saunasampo Magic Stove heats the sauna air only in a few minutes and the desired sauna experience is achieved. When the sauna is still empty, the Magic Stove closes the lid, and the energy consumption decreases to standby mode.


For example, on a golf course where the sauna is used every day from morning to evening, electricity savings of more than 20,000 kWh per year are generated, which means that Saunasampo Magic Stove saves its acquisition costs almost in a year. 







The Magic Stove is an energy storing, insulated heater with a lid and a double-acting fan. When the lid is closed, the fan circulates air inside the stone space of the heater when heating elements are on. Air circulation protects heating elements from burning and keeps the stove stones evenly heated. Although the temperature of the stones can be three hundred degrees Celcius, the blowing cools by heating elements. The surface temperature of heating elements is 600 to 800 degrees and internal temperature is about 1,100 degrees.


When the lid opens, the fan circulates the sauna air through the heater until the desired temperature is reached. The sauna heats up to the desired temperature in an instant because heating the air in the sauna does not require much energy.


Check out the Magic Stove's extensive introduction from the button below, which also illustrates the issue with customer and usage examples.



Sauna Monitor is an application designed to monitor your sauna and monitor your sauna online. Sauna Monitors measures sauna temperature, relative humidity, and noise level in decibels both during the sauna bathing and while the sauna is waiting for bathers.


Sauna Monitor saves the measurement data so that you can later view any sauna bathing and its data - For example, the sauna temperature, the relative humidity of the sauna and the noise level.


Check out the Introduction to the Sauna Monitor from the button below, where

customer and usage examples also shed light on the matter.





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Saunasampo Oy is a company that specializes in high-tech saunas, develops, and produces customized Saunasampo stove technology, and is able for real-time remote monitoring of Magic Stoves around the world.


Saunasampo Oy has patented it´s Technology in Europe, USA, Japan, and China






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